About UD's Student Government

The University of Dallas Student Government functions as the representative assembly of the UD student community. The purpose of UD Student Government is threefold:

  1. Promote the general welfare of the University and the Student Body through its support of the University’s mission, ideals and values.

  2. Communicate student concerns and interests to appropriate University Committees and to the University Administration.

  3. Sponsor programs and services to enhance campus life.

Guided by the mission of the University and in accordance with the teachings and principals of the Catholic Church, our Student Government strives to foster a healthy and enriched campus environment and to build up a strong student community. The representatives in our Student Government are dedicated to enhancing the quality of student life by promoting both the academic and social traditions of the University.


Meet Dallas' Executive Board

Angelo Novello

CCn Liaison

Lili Serna

Vice President

Jim Mobus


Clare Slattery


2017-2018 Council

2017-2018 Council


Meet the Members