The Conference: In Short

Student Government leaders from Benedictine College, University of Mary, and University of Dallas joined Ave Maria University last weekend for a conference and we couldn't be happier with the outcome.

Not only did we build friendships, but we also exchanged ideas that will lead toward the improvement of our institutions and, hopefully, higher Catholic education.

Our guests arrived Friday, January 20th, and joined AMU for a quick tour, dinner, and meet and greet. The action began on Saturday morning. Beginning with Mass by Padre, we learned about St. Agnes' commitment to loving Christ. We then started with presentations from each school, which gave context and helped us better understand the other institutions and their students. Later in the day, we were joined by Dr. Seana Sugrue, who challenged us to think about tough decisions and how to work through them. Afterward, we discussed more in-depth the culture and events on our campuses, which moved smoothly into leadership and how our governments operate. Finally, we discussed how we envision The Network developing in the future.

We were truly honored to host our guests. Prior to the conference, it seemed as though everyone was wondering if this idea of a "network" for Catholic schools could really work in this age of competition. However, we are now confident that this idea is one worth pursuing. There is so much potential, and with the right mindset, it was obvious that our new friends are extremely talented and motivated to make a difference.

The Catholic Council Network is an initiative to connect student government leaders from Catholic schools around the country. The Network started with these four schools, and we envision it reaching many more in the years to come.