What We Learned: Campus Life and Culture

Ave Maria University was so happy that they were able to host the first Catholic Council Network Conference in January, uniting Student Government leaders from Benedictine College, University of Mary, University of Dallas, and Ave Maria University together to share our thoughts and ideas about higher Catholic education.

Here are some of the things we learned in our discussion on Campus Life and Culture.

How is athletics integrated into campus?

University of Dallas has a freshman-athlete integration program, where certain athletes are assigned to freshmen. They believe it's key is to be   approachable, welcoming, show genuine care, and know who your student-athletes are.
University of Mary has a program where the football team helps the freshmen move into their dorms during orientation.
How will we have helped our communities once we graduate?

Ave Maria students volunteer through the Mother Teresa Project and Champions of Charity - two of the ways students are encouraged give back to their community.
University of Mary has a Day of Service, where students volunteer to help the local area, working with United Way on various projects around town.