2017 Fall Conference Overview

Two weekends ago, representatives from the six Network schools met for the second bi-annual Catholic Council Network conference hosted by the University of Dallas. 

The conference began with presentations that gave an overview of each school and explained the structure, strengths, weaknesses, and goals of their student government organization. This was helpful because it allowed the different councils to compare how they manage projects and challenged all to look for ways to improve the efficiency of their operations. On Saturday morning, the first keynote address was given by UD chaplain, Fr. Thomas More. Fittingly, the talk was on the role of leadership and the importance of accountability in maintaining a vibrant Catholic identity on campus. Father Thomas More’s talk was followed by a lecture given by UD professor of politics, Dr. David Burns. This talk focused on one of the Network’s three key pillars: solidarity. Dr. Burns explored what it means to live in solidarity as a Christian, particularly in our state of life as students. The series of talks concluded with a panel of SGA members from different schools discussing their experience as a part of student government and advice for younger members of SGA. 

All in all, the weekend provided an opportunity for the different councils to attend leadership seminars, deepen relationships, pray together, discuss campus issues, and collaborate to find solutions to the problems they face- and have fun in the process.