Student Government leaders started The Catholic Council Network to join together, share ideas, and grow in leadership.


Monthly Conference Calls

Every month, the liaisons discuss different topics and broach new topics. Discussion points often include:

  • Student Life
  • Campus Development
  • Athletics
  • Food Services
  • Objectives

These calls allow us to learn more from each other, improve our individual councils, and strengthen the Network's connections.

CCN conference 2017.jpg

Bi-Annual conferences

Members from each school are invited to a pre-determined campus twice each year. The host school invites faculty, staff, and guest lecturers to speak and lead discussion. Every council gives a presentation on their government structure and school culture. It's a great opportunity to learn from each other, brainstorm, and collaborate in person. Looking forward, our next conference will be held at the University of Dallas.

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catholic leaders Network

Through the monthly conference calls and bi-annual conferences, a connection is established across the nation to like-minded, Catholic schools. By coming together in solidarity, we can, not only improve upon our student governments, but grow stronger in our Catholic identities. We believe, as Catholics, it is our duty to unite and share our knowledge so that others may benefit. As the Network is only seeking the best of the Catholic schools, such as yourself, the CCN will continue to grow with the best student leaders in the nation.


Meet the CCN Members

Ave Maria University

Ave Maria, FLORIDA

Benedictine College

Atchison, Kansas

University of Dallas

Dallas, texas

University of Mary

Bismarck, North dakota