October 27-29

Mark your Calendars! All members of your executive board are invited.  



Once you land in the DFW airport, somebody from UD will pick you up and bring you to the campus. Executive Board members are to arrive at the DFW airport on Friday, Oct. 27 any time in the afternoon or evening. We will depart Sunday, Oct. 29 any time.


Choose a Liaison

We will need your council to designate a member to act as liaison to The Network. The duties of the liaison is to be the voice of your council. The liaison will need to take in the information from The Network to share with the rest of your council and to respond back to The Network in a timely fashion. 

Prepare a Presentation

At the conference, all executive boards are expected to have a 15-20 minute presentation on their council and school. We recommend using PowerPoint or Apple Keynote to deliver this presentation.