About Ave's Student Government Association

The Ave council works to cultivate Ave's vibrant campus culture. We set aside funding for the Student Activities Board, making events like Holly Jolly, Ave Idol, Country Night, and Battle of the Bands possible. The Council strives to support clubs, households, and student initiatives. We try to help make the students' ideas as strong as possible, and will also consider supporting them financially.

The Council is comprised of four executive board members and three representatives for each class. Our representatives serve on committees, which focus on projects to improve campus, disburse information, and spread a joyful love of Ave. The three committees are Development, Culture, and Public Relations.

Development works on improving Ave's campus. We listen to what the students have to say and we turn their ideas, issues, and complaints into projects. Our most current Development project is Project S.T.O.V.E. This project is focused on the improvement and renovation of dorm common rooms on lobbies to make them more usable for all Ave students.

Culture seeks to promote the uniquely Ave spirit on campus. The committee plans events throughout the year to celebrate our faith and mission, such as the Feast of All Saints and the Feast of the Annunciation.

The Public Relations Committee works to support the mission and vision of Ave Maria University through effective and fun information sharing, primarily focused on communication between students and SGA. This committee maintains our website, Facebook page, Instagram. Public Relations also promotes SGA events such as Fresh Fruit Fridays, feast days, and other events through the newly installed video advertisement boards and SGA Social Media.


Meet Ave's Executive Board

Stephen Akers 


Sarah Stark

Vice president
Coordinator of the CCN

Gavin Galazka


Andrew Eads


2016-2017 Council

2016-2017 Council


Meet the Members